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Home to the "Swim All Year Round" Ameri-Dome

We have created a discount program that allows you as a hospitality facilitator, to offer your guests the unique experience of swimming in an Ameri-Dome Swim Bubble at a reduced price.

Qualified Hospitality providers are eligible to receive additional discounts on our Extremely Popular Commercial Model Ameri-Domes. These discounts are NOT AVAILABLE TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. The Ameri-Dome is typically installed by the in-house maintenance crew and the services of a contractor are not required. To register for our Hospitality Industry pricing program, please use the link below.


This link will bring you to a webpage with our application form. Please fill out the form with the required information and an Ameri-Brand representative will contact you in order to complete the signup process.

Increase your Occupancy Rates with an Ameri-Dome

It's a well-known fact that establishments that offer swimming will attract more customers and will keep them longer than those that do not. It just makes sense that the availability of swimming facilities on a year-round basis influences many travelers’ decisions on where to stay. So, if you do not offer year round swimming, check out the Ameri-Dome. It's a unique and appealing enticement to your future customers when they are deciding where to stay. An Ameri-Dome can improve your bottom line.

In the last 20+ years, we have placed thousands of our Ameri-Domes at both commercial and residential locations across the United States and worldwide! Most of our domes are installed in locations with colder climates which allow pools to stay open throughout what would normally be a swimming "off-season". In short, an Ameri-Dome is an economical means to attract and keep many more customers during the fall, winter, and spring seasons.

For specific information about our Commercial Grade USA-MADE Ameri-dome product, select HERE. This link will take you to informational pages on our main Ameri-Brand website which will provide all the specific information you may need about this product.