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Ameri-Brand is teaming up with NATIONAL DISTRIBUTORS to INCREASE your bottom line and EXTEND your season!

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Ameri-Dome is The World's Most Popular Pool Dome

Increase your bottom line by offering your clients the Ameri-Dome Inflatable Pool Dome Enclosure. Make swimming year round a dream come true for your customers in both the US and Canada. If your company has the ability to install pool covers, you can install the Ameri-Dome. A typical residential installation only takes eighteen man hours. That's three workers at six hours apiece. In fact, most of our Residential (and some of our Commercial domes are user installed) Ameri-Domes reduce heating costs & chemical usage. Our innovative pool dome accessories, like the Ameri-Dome Heater and Airlock Entry System, are just a couple reasons why the Ameri-Dome has become the most popular and best selling pool dome on the market.

Rectangles or Custom shapes are not a problem for us. Feel free to give us your "special" requests.

Allow your customers to get the Most out of their Swimming Pools. The low cost of an air-dome is makes them relatively comparable to many brands of winter pool covers & your customers can at the very least DOUBLE THEIR SWIMMING SEASON. The dome acts as "solar cover" by absorbing the sun, trapping warm air around the pool, and preventing the water's heat from being lost to the environment. And although Ameri-Domes were not initially designed as a safety cover for your pool, they do create an effective barrier, providing an extra measure of pool safety and protection.

Your Business can now offer both residential and commercial grade domes. Pricing depends on size, accessories, and the complexity of the project. National Distributor dealers receive special pricing. Having sold and manufactured thousands of Pool domes since 1996, we have all the experience and expertise you need to make your customers happy.

Graduated Discount Program

➥   5% off purchase price of your 1st and 2nd dome   ➥   7% off purchase price of your 3rd and 4th dome
  ➥   10% off purchase price of your 5th dome (and any thereafter)

*Note: Prices are as found on the Ameri-Brand Website. Graduated pricing does not apply to shipping.

Work All Year Long! Double or Triple Your Season!

Construction Domes

Weather Shield Your Project From Start to Finish...

Construction Dome Enclosures make working in the pool industry a year round profession. Imagine not having to delay your project because of rain, sleet or snow. Instead, work inside the comfort of an Ameri-Brand Construction Dome. Plaster, hang a liner, complete a new deck.... All totally possible with the Ameri-Brand Construction Dome. No more laying off your crews. No more drastic cuts in revenue. Make good money all year round!

Ameri-dome construction Domes are easy to put up and take down. These inflatable dome structures are made for portability and durability. They are constructed of heavy duty reinforced 14oz. FIRE RETARDANT vinyl and typically inflate within a few minutes using the 2 air inflation blowers included with purchase.

Your customers will fully appreciate your ability to serve them even when others are unable.

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Revolutionary Ameri-Shield Pool Liner Repair

Repair Your Customer's Existing Pool Liner. Don't be Fooled. This is not a peel and stick cosmetic tile border. This is a REAL SOLUTION to an industry wide problem. Ameri-Shield practically eliminates UV damage above the water line and helps to restore your customers liners!

With the Ameri-Shield Inground Liner Repair System, you will be able to repair most Inground Liner UV wall deterioration issues for a fraction of the cost of a complete liner replacement. And, it typically will extend the life of the liner by an additional 2-5 years.

How it Works. The Ameri-Shield comes in decorative strips that are a full 10" tall. It is installed into your customers Existing Liner Track by pressing it into the track directly above the liner bead. It is locked into place with a firm tap using a small hammer and a block of wood. This firmly secures the top leading edge of the Ameri-Shield into place and it will not pull out if installed properly. HH-66 adhesive is used to bond the lower portion of the Ameri-Shield directly to the original liner, creating a strong, effective, and beautiful repair.

Most customers install the Ameri-Shield around the entire perimeter of their pool.

See the Amazing Results. Make your customers liners look like new again and beautify their pools without having to install a new liner. View our before and after photo gallery to see the amazing results!

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