Hospitality Industry Ameri-Dome Program.

"The Worlds Most Popular Swim-Dome"
It's a well known fact that many of the people who can afford to travel also have their own
swimming pools at home and use them on a daily basis. Also, those people who don't
have their own pool often enjoy swimming if given the opportunity. There are many rea-
ons people swim.  Exercise, training, sport, stress release, etc.. Many people need to 
swim for medical reasons also. 

Swimming is undeniably an extremely popular activity. In fact, a lodging establishment
that offers swimming attracts more customers and keeps them longer than those that do
not!  It just makes sense that the availability of swimming facilities on a Year Round Basis
influences many traveler's decisions on where to stay.

The Ameri-Dome is right at home in the Snow!
In Colder Climates, You'll Need the Dome Heater. Click HERE for details.
Does your facility have an outdoor swimming pool? If so, an Ameri-Dome could be a 
wonderful benefit to your clients AND your bottom line. In the last few years, we have
placed thousands of our domes at both commercial and residential locations across
the United States and in many foreign countries! Most of our domes are installed in the
colder climates where closing the pool was the only option for the "Off Season".  An
Ameri-Dome is an Economical means to attract and keep many more customers during
the Fall, Winter, & Spring.
Installation is very easy. Normally, the Ameri-Dome can be easily installed by practically
any  maintenance crew in a few short hours!  Removal for the warmer weather is even
easier. And our Dome packages include everything you need for a complete installation.
Here's what you get with the Ameri-Dome Package.

At night when it's dark outside, any light within the dome (underwater lights too) tend to
create an extremely inviting effect. This lighting also attracts guests from a distance, 
much like an extra Billboard or Lighted sign.  In addition, we now have the capabilities of
placing your Logo right on the Dome for any potential guest (or their children) to see.
By using a  semi-transparent vinyl to create your Logo, any light source coming from with-
in the Dome shines through the walls and can provide a beacon for the weary traveler.
Due to the increased demand for All Year Swimming and the popularity of the Ameri-
Dome, we have been able to increase the production in our plant by over 400% in the last
5 years. This volume has allowed us to reduce the price on our units dramatically.
If you've ever considered keeping your pool open All year or extending the swimming
season for your customers, it's an excellent time to check into our products.

We're offering a Special Promotion to Lodging & Campground facilities with swimming
pools. This offer is for an Extra 15% OFF our already affordable prices. This is a great
deal if you're considering offering All Year Swimming. 

Here's an example of what an Ameri-Dome would cost to cover an average 16' x 32' 
pool. (This dome would be 22' x 38' = 836 sq. ft.) The price would Only be $ 2,101.35.
(Plus shipping. Sales tax is applicable for California deliveries.) You can price your own dome at
our dome price page located HERE. That's not much more than a decent winter storage
cover! And think of the potential clients your New Ameri-Dome could attract. Compar-
able pricing is available for units up to 3000 square feet. Domes over 3000 square
feet are priced differently, however we're still offering a considerable discount on them
during this promotion.

ADA compliant entries are also available as an option where required. 

Care for more information on our domes ? Please use the link below.

Click HERE for more complete product information.

If you need to speak with a Dome professional that will give you the accurate information
you need, feel free to give us a call at 800-982-6966. It costs nothing to check into our pro-
duct and at the very least, you'll have a good idea of how a dome might benefit your oper-
ation.  Our normal business hours are M-F from 8-5.

Thank you for your time and the best to you in your endeavors,

Tim Merino
Ameri-Brand Products
Manufactured in the United States of America

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